Is veigeán, anarchist, agus Págánach Ceiltach mé.



I see a lot of you don’t actually know what capitalism is! I see lots of hate for Ayn Rand, yet only two of you have read her books. To be honest, I think you’re all stupid but mostly just jealous of the fact that I came up with the idea of My Little Pony themed pocket vaginas shaped like fedoras. You parasites are just upset that I figured out how to get rich off memes and neckbeards. TFW loadsamoney. Do u even economics bro? Lol u mad?



Rainbow Hitler - Shirtwascash

Just ordered this and I’m beyond excited. It’s from ‘Murica tho so it’s gonna take a while to get to Ireland, aw well, worth the wait like.

Joined a huntsab group today. We’re meeting ina week, and damn am I excited.