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Protest against 'Britain First' - Fascists aren't welcome! | Facebook

Calling all my followers in the general area of Belfast,

"The far-right racist/fascist/sectarian Britain First are planning an organising meeting or demo in Belfast this coming Wednesday (23rd) July.
The location has not been announced yet but we will update you as soon as it breaks. We plan on protesting outside the venue so be prepared to mobilise.

Belfast Anti-Fascists, anti-fascists from Warzone Social Centre and elsewhere, are autonomously organising to confront them and let them know their hatred isn’t welcome on our shared streets of Belfast.

Spread the word, invite your mates!
Mobilise against hatred”

Bellow is a screencap of the information that is available now.

Protestors clash at Belfast Gaza rally

Here’s a video of what I was saying about yesterday.

What did they expect to happen when they started waving Israeli flags at a Gaza solidarity rally? The police should have just stayed out of it and let them get what they deserved.